Smart Buildings

The SBoTCoE aims to collectively provide Building Owners and property developers, leading edge IoT strategy development to implement best practices across individual, coporate, local, state and national level Smart Building and Smart City initiatives.

Our Mission and Purpose

Improve the occupant’s Quality of Experience (QoE), increase the owner’s revenues and lower operational costs through the adoption and application of IoT solutions in Smart Buildings.

What we do

Work with the various stakeholders and industry leaders to develop and improve in-building IoT strategies and implementations. We provide learnings, best practices and technical information to speed the decision making and implementation of IoT solutions within Buildings.

How We Succeed

By establishing ourselves as a global Smart Buildings industry source of truth and trusted advisor:

  1. Learning portal and knowledge platform
  2. Center of Excellence content approach
    1. Connectivity and Networking (integration and interoperability)
    2. Communications
    3. Environmental and Safety
    4. Building Management Systems & Building Automation Systems.
    5. Data Anaytics, AI and Security
  3. Live conferences and on-demand dissemination

Smart Buildings & IoT CoE Leadership Profiles


Harry Smeenk
Harry Smeenk
Chair of the IoT Community’s SBIoTCoE - Founder, Smart Buildings Online LLC
James Caton
James Caton
Vice-Chair of the IoT Community’s SBIoTCoE - Global Leader, Smart Infrastructure & Smart Cities, SAS