Brenda Boehm

IoT Community Advisory Board - Brenda BoehmBrenda Boehm is a senior executive who has made her career by bringing next generation Networks, Information Systems, Cloud, and Security technologies to the emerging global marketplace. Brenda’s deep industry expertise is based upon her successful leadership roles at both the executive and board levels with various innovation-focused technology companies from entrepreneurial start-ups: Starent Networks, Tango Networks, and Cyphre to Fortune 100 leaders: Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia. This uniquely broad set of experiences and skills have equipped her with the insight to create a market vision that recognizes industry disruption, an ability to harness change for innovation, develop global market reach and ensure the most successful operational best practices. As her passion is with emerging technologies, she has been recently focused on the capabilities of the various opportunities that Internet of Things creates, with the support of edge computing, the required foundational security, and potential blockchain technologies.

Brenda Boehm holds a MS from SMU’s School of Engineering in Telecommunications and a Bachelors (BA) in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from the University of Louisiana. She also attended Stanford’s prestigious Graduate School of Business Executive Program, and their Advanced Computer Security Cert. Additionally, Brenda is attending the Carnegie Mellon CISO cert with completion planned for February 2019.

In addition to her leadership in the IT / Telecommunications industry, Brenda is active in promoting women in technology, mentoring programs, and STEM initiatives. She feels strongly that it is also critical to support and mentor the next generations in order to support a strong diverse workforce, and consequently, a more successful company with an overall globally healthy economy. She was recognized by Dallas Business Journal as a nominee of Women in Tech for 2015, and serves on advisory panels to promote women in technology.

Advisory Board

The function of the IoT Community, is to focus on the adoption & application of IoT in commercial environments, seeking to understand & contribute to applying the technology or overcoming the wide variety of barriers, inhibitors, and technical & operational issues. As a member of the board, Brenda will provide impartial input and guidance to the overall vision, strategy and execution that is helping to shape the current and future direction for the IoT Community, as well as the broader IoT industry.