IoT MasterClass – 5 IT capabilities that are a must for IIoT success


Industrial environments are evolving faster than ever. This evolution is being forced by supply-chain issues, shorter new product introduction cycles, growth requiring maximum uptime, cybersecurity threats, pandemic mandated operational changes, sustainability needs, and digitization initiatives improving the products and process continuously. Organizations can either let these challenges disrupt them or they can tackle them head on by leading with technology and digitizing their business, freeing data securely, to support the agility required. Current operational networks, however, are not ready for new explosions of data this evolution is producing or ever evolving cyber threats. To survive and thrive, organizations must enhance their networks to support Industry 4.0, allowing them to leverage operational data to boost productivity, improve products, and drive growth.

Operational networks – including devices and their management – must therefore step up and deliver on vital requirements of scalability, availability, reliability, performance, visibility, and end-to-end security – the same requirements that enterprise networks have been challenged with and solving over the past several years.

In this session, we will discuss five enterprise-grade capabilities that together with industrial-strength robustness can make industrial IoT deployments successful, increasing operational effectiveness and production agility, while reducing cyber security threats and addressing the widening skills gap

Presenter Bio:

Vivek Bhargava, has a diverse background as a developer, product manager, technical marketing engineer, and most currently as product marketing manager. Working in the IoT networking group at Cisco, Vivek’s responsibilities include marketing of Cisco’s IoT switching portfolio and how it can help customers in various industry verticals modernize their operating networks in their quest for digitization and adoption of Industry 4.0 principles. Prior to IoT, Vivek managed marketing of parts of Cisco’s enterprise portfolio including Cisco DNA Center, Software-Defined Access solution, among others.

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