Security Privacy & Trust in IoT Center of Excellence (SPTIoTCoE)

The SPTIoTCoE aims to collectively provide IoT practitioners, IoT strategy development and implement best practices across corporate, enterprise and industrial sectors.

Our Mission and Purpose

Our CoE is a meeting place for IoT Security thought leaders to collaboratively create value by providing a continuous feedback loop into the design, production, application of IoT with the intent that we make ’things’ more secure.

What we do

Security, Privacy & Trust Center of Excellence will engage industry thought leaders to enable community learning, best practice sharing, and provide actionable guidance for IoT security practitioners

How We Succeed

Our charter is to provide meaningful and actionable IoT security input to established IoT security frameworks and standards, provide industry master classes, use-cases, and best practice advice. This CoE will bring together a team of IoT security icons whose knowledge in the Security, Privacy & Trust IoT domain will add a strong voice to the ever-evolving effort to secure the IoT networks. 

  • Live conferences and on-demand dissemination – to include the introduction of a yearlong master class series hosted by world leading cyber experts
  • Learning portal and knowledge platform – to include business use cases, presentations, best practices
  • Create expert thought leadership teams to identify, study and develop best practices and industry deliverables to support the IoT practitioner.
  • The CoE aims to collectively endorse, leverage and enhance IoT security protocols and standards such as Mitre Att&ck, NIST, and Zero Trust Frameworks.

Security Privacy & Trust in IoT CoE Leadership Profiles


George Young
George Young
Chair of IoT Community Security Privacy Trust Center of Excellence - SPTIoTCoE - Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technologist, for CBT
David Maher
David Maher
Vice-Chair, Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT Center of Excellence - David Maher is EVP and CTO, Intertrust

The initial areas of coverage that form the SPTIoTCoE pillars of excellence

  • Security, Privacy & Trust Provider Strategy
  • IoT Security
  • IoT Privacy
  • IoT Trust
  • Security, Privacy & Trust Investments via VC-JV-PE (Venture Capital, Joint Venture, Private Equity)

SPTIoTCoE Master Class Contributors

Updated members list coming soon.



How to get involved?

The IoT Community is a collaborative and dynamic group of thought leaders working to make the deployments of IoT solutions secure. If you think you have something to offer and would like to get involved please send us an email to