The IoT Community Portfolio

Focusing on the most pressing topics driving digital transformation whilst addressing barriers to entry and overcoming challenges. We tackle the hard issues and provide industry proven best practices.  


IoT Slam

IoT Community IoT Slam Strategy Leadership Advisory Methodology FullLaunched in December 2015 as a virtual conference, IoT Slam® has instantly become one of the world’s premier IoT conferences. In 2017, the event format turned hybrid, with the inaugural live in-person event commencing June 2017; at the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA. The event series has to date covered standards, interoperability, open source, integration, security, infrastructure, business models, research, innovation, best practices, technology, industry implementation and compliance, from a horizontal enterprise industry perspective across the entire spectrum of IoT. For more information, visit IoT Slam® delivers the best in class IoT Strategy, Leadership, Advisory and Methodology (SLAM)™


IoT Community IoT 2019 logo trans fullLaunched in June 2017 at the IoT Slam Live conference, IoT is a dedicated destination for business users to procure IoT thought leadership relative to their industry needs. It is a socially driven collaboration platform designed to educate and engage industry verticals with IoT stakeholders to maximize the business potential of the IoT. Core industries covered include: Automotive, Banking / Finance, Consumer, Education, Energy, Government, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, Oil & Gas, Online, Retail, Telecom, Utilities. For more information please visit and create your profile today.

IoT Centers of Excellence

IoT Community IoT Centers of Excellence Logo IoT CoE FullLaunched in June 2018, the IoT Community Centers of Excellence program seeks to provide industry learning and best practice sharing for IoT application and use – with an emphasis towards the removal of technical, operational, and financial barriers – with a primary focus on Healthcare, Retail, Security, Connectivity and Women in IoT. The scope will be to refine area of interest and current topics, raising awareness to attract interested practitioners. We will identify issues & opportunities and contribute on specific subjects for practitioners, sharing insights and outcomes at loT SLAM conferences, on loT Practitioner via videos or articles and other forms of thought leadership, and other industry events. For more information please click here:

IoT Premier League

Since 2019, The IoT Premier League™ has been tracking the most inspiring social media accounts of the IoT landscape. This cuts across individual thought leaders, corporate handles and media, industry / analysts; recognising the most so you can follow them, join the community and learn more from the movers and shakers of the Internet of Things. We track usage and engagement across Twitter. We also use Kred scores to rank by influence score. We have also introduced bonus score metrics, to reflect the rankings on the quality of content not just the social influence; ensuring a balance between commercial and thought leadership content flows. For more information please visit:

IoT Masterclass

IoT Community Masterclasses are held in a virtual classroom environment, allowing you to attend in real-time or on-demand, delivering exclusive IoT content by industry-leading keynote speakers, domain specialists, and subject matter experts. IoT Community Masterclasses include engaging panel topics and panelists, on-topic user centered content, interactive workshops and tutorials provide insight, results, and key takeaways.

Linkedin IoT Group

Established as a channel to curate and nurture a volume driven approach to IoT perspectives , best practices, and opinions amongst our IoT Community, our group has grown from strength to strength and presently consists of 22,000+ IoT practitioners. For more information please visit

Social Media Presence

Our Omni-Channel presence across Social Media, with Verified profiles, a strong, vibrant, engaged and interactive following, and regular postings of fresh, exclusive, and non-syndicated content has catapulted the IoT Community into a leading voice in the IoT ecosystem. Connect with us on Twitter @IoTChannel 

Health Slam

IoT Community Health Slam Healthcare IoT Community Logo fullAt the intersection of IoT and Healthcare, Health Slam was formed in 2016, with the inaugural virtual conference held in December and provided much needed clarity and simplicity about the game changing IoT opportunity (whilst addressing the risks) facing the Healthcare and Life science industry. Health Slam collaborates with leading voices in the Healthcare space including the Healthcare Executives Network – the world’s largest Healthcare Practitioner Community, consisting of over 250,000+ professionals. Health Slam delivered exclusive, cutting edge IoT content that is catered for CxO’s, senior Healthcare IT executives and business line management in Healthcare, Hospitals, and Life Sciences industry. Health Slam featured the most compelling topics focusing on how to improve patient care, find new treatments for diseases and ultimately save lives.


IoT Intelligence Reports

Launched in 2021 to address a growing divide between access to quality data driven market information, impartial coverage and the costs associated to view such research and analyst reports in a timely capacity, to advance the knowledge base and marketplace for enterprise and industrial IoT. Produced monthly, and powered by Valuer.AI, the IoT Intelligence Reports, take a deep dive into vertical and applicaion industries that are driving the uptake of IoT. Published free to view and download via IoT Practitioner content portal. The reports aim to explore the innovation ecosystem by mapping trends, business models, and technologies. To get familiar with both the “big picture” and specific solutions, these publications includes data analysis of clusters of companies that develop similar technologies, as well as five case studies of companies. The report takes an in-depth look at five areas of innovation. To identify the companies most compatible with the IoT Community’s interests, the selection favored those with already-existent practical solutions and proof of concept.