IoT MasterClass – Five things to consider when selecting a satellite solution for your IoT project


Satellite is an increasingly popular connectivity method for enabling IoT devices in areas with unreliable terrestrial coverage. However, with an increasing array of networks, frequencies, terminals and system architectures to choose from, where do you start? In this webinar, Steven Tompkins, Market Development Director, Inmarsat Enterprise and Geoffrey Bruce-Payne Director, Innovation & Technology Partnership, Inmarsat Enterprise will give you five key considerations to guide your choice of technology before embarking on any satellite IoT project. The session will cover:

  • About Inmarsat and our story in IoT
  • Satellite IoT and why (and when) you should consider satellite for your IoT project
  • Satellite networks, GEO and LEO – What’s the difference and does it matter?
  • Five key considerations to guide your choice:
  1. Data requirements (How to distinguish needs from wants and avoid common pitfalls)
  2. Latency and throughput requirements
  3. Environmental/operational requirements – size, weight and power
  4. Deployment areas
  5. Basic system architecture
  • Inmarsat’s network and how it supports IoT applications

Presenter Bios:

Steven Tompkins is Market Development Director for Inmarsat Enterprise and leads on IoT market strategy. Steven’s remit covers a variety of industries, including agriculture, energy, transport and mining. He actively develops relationships with key partners working across these sectors to help them find opportunities to use Inmarsat’s market-leading global satellite connectivity services. Prior to joining Inmarsat, Steven spent ten years in the agriculture and food industries, his career spanning consultancy, agricultural research and commercial development of new products and services.

Geoffrey Bruce-Payne is Director of Innovation and Technology Partnerships for Inmarsat Enterprise and is responsible for engaging with customers, integrators and suppliers within Inmarsat’s IoT ecosystem. Geoff leads a team of engineers who help new partners adopt satellite into their IoT solutions portfolios, ensuring design for scalability, security and rapid return on investment. Over the course of the almost 20 years Geoff has worked in IoT and satellite, his roles have spanned product management, application engineering, business development and strategic partnerships. In that time, he has had the privilege of collaborating with customers in a variety of industries around the world to help solve business problems and derive new insights and value from their remote assets.

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