Women in IoT Center of Excellence (WIoTCoE)

The WIoTCoE aims to collectively provide women in the IoT arena with strategy development and how to implement best practices which promote equality, fairness and meaningful outcomes.

Our Mission and Purpose

The goal of the Women in IoT CoE is to engage and enable organizations and leaders to create and sustain an inclusive culture to advance the development of IoT solutions globally.

What We Do:

Facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, learning, best practices and connections that reinforce inclusive and diverse thinking targeting Awareness, Pipeline and Education.

How We Succeed

By establishing ourselves as a credible source of truth and practices for leveraging and embracing the power of women in the loT community:

  1. Learning portal and knowledge platform
  2. Center of Excellence content approach
  3. Live conferences and on-demand dissemination

The Internet of Things (IoT) community is growing rapidly.  In today’s world, most everything is “smart” or has a “smart” option available.  Everyday items such as computers, phones, televisions, refrigerators, watches, and even scales are integrating modern technology to enhance their features and functions.  With this growth of technology use, women in IoT can be considered rare. According to the National Science Foundation, women who are pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degree only account for approximately 20% of students in STEM degree programs. Despite the low numbers of women seeking to join the IoT community, we believe they play an essential part in the IoT world.

IoT can encompass entrepreneurial skills, commerce, software/hardware development, commerce and much more.  Despite the seemingly lack of women in tech jobs, it does not mean there are not women innovating in the IoT world.  IoT Community is dedicating to providing a platform for women in IoT to connect and network with other senior business leaders and IoT practitioners. The IoT Community platform is committed to providing a space to uplift, support and provide resources to one another.

In addition to helping remove technical, regulatory, financial and operational barriers we hope to create the most effective sharing platform for adopting IoT and sharing best practices.

WIoTCoE Leadership profiles

Amanda Healy
Amanda Healy
IoT Branding & Thought Leadership, Cisco
Sandy Carter
Sandy Carter
Chair Emeritus, WIoTCoE - Vice President of Amazon Web Services focused on Enterprise Workloads
Michele Null
Michele Null
Women in IoT Center of Excellence – Future IoT Talent, Pillar of Excellence Leader. - Global marketing leader in the IoT Division at SAS