The Second installment of the highly acclaimed IoT Slam® series commences virtually on-line, April 28th 2016 – featuring exclusive speakers, topics, and sessions.

San Francisco, March 14th 2016, The Internet of Things community, the world’s largest network of CxO’s and IoT professionals, today announced the agenda for its Second International IoT Slam® 2016 virtual conference taking place April 28th on-line in the Cloud.

Much like the inaugural IoT Slam event in December last year, IoT Slam 2016 will deliver another world class lineup of speakers presenting exclusive sessions of IoT thought leadership and best practices.

With expert contributions from CxO’s at Microsoft, IBM, The Weather Company, Emerson, Spirent, IDESG, IPSO Alliance, Micrium, Machina Research, Atos, Booz Allen Hamilton, GE, Ness, Cognizant, amongst other leading lights, the IoT Slam 2016 event is a must attend event for anyone seeking to learn more about the outlook and uptake of IoT.

IoT Slam 2016 features insights, best practices and exclusive IoT use-cases showcasing:

  • How to provide data insights to your business consumers
  • IoT Data and Analytics – where the value is in IoT
  • Opportunities offered by Industry 4.0
  • Unlocking the value of data
  • Where developers and companies should concentrate their time and resources
  • Common vs. unique aspects of Internet of Things
  • The introduction of cognitive computing
  • Enablement technology architectures
  • Best practices and learnings from active Smart City projects
  • How to embrace the healthy smart home
  • Vertical Industry use cases (Aviation & Healthcare primers)
  • Getting the Protocols for the “things” right
  • Implications for connected devices and wearables
  • What it means to truly protect identity on the Internet of Things
  • How to best approach IoT platforms
  • Improving performance and optimizing digital operations
  • Analytics for big data lakes
  • Leveraging DevOps and Continuous Service Delivery
  • impact of IoT on revenues, economic growth, labor productivity and jobs
  • Current consolidation and financial trends in the IoT sector
  • Valuation drivers and methodologies, business model, scale and profitability
  • How to best assess, select, and deploy the right infrastructure to support IoT enterprise applications
  • The impact on IoT and connectivity options given the rise of heterogeneous network architectures and its implications
  • Best practices in developing an effective IoT connectivity “extensibility roadmap”
  • An understanding of the major performance and capability profiles for broadband wireless service delivery platforms
  • A method for assessing “best-fit” IoT connectivity options such as : coverage/capacity, performance, “hot analytics” supportability, extensibility, and spectral efficiency
  • A summary of IoT connectivity deployment risk mitigation approaches
  • A guide to major future developments in IoT-relevant wireless networks and architectures

“We are delighted to unveil the agenda for the Second International IoT Slam 2016 Conference”, said Bill Mortimer, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Spirent Communications, and IoT Slam Organizing Committee Chairman. “We have a tremendous amount of world-class IoT content for this next installment of IoT Slam. We are very excited to deliver an event that features real heavy-hitters and meaningful take-aways that provide actionable insights on key industry themes. We look forward to welcoming and hosting members of our IoT Community and the broader industry on April 28th 2016”.

IoT Slam 2016 is a must attend event for:

  • Company leaders – who want to understand the actual revolutionary disruption of IoT, keep competitive, and understand an uncharted enterprise model involving IoT
  • Business Line Executives – who are seeking to leverage the power of IoT and take ownership of driving change within their enterprise cultures.
  • Hardware designers – who want to better align their IoT strategy to be connected, smart, and adaptive.
  • Software programmers – who produce smart, cost-effective, and intelligent applications.
  • Innovators and Start-ups – creating the latest solutions to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, attract finance, and mature across the partner eco-system.
  • Sales and Marketing Executives – trying to find new, cost effective methods to identify and meet with new / existing clients.
  • Government Policy Makers and Regulators – who define, legislate, implement, and build smart / connected infrastructure to improve the consumer way of life.
  • Investors – who want to find their next big investment opportunity, inside scoop, and stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Academics – undertaking research in engineering and computer sciences that will enable the connected world.
  • Press / Media / Analysts – Looking to capture their next big scoop (several key announcements to be made during the event)

The full IoT Slam 2016 Conference program, topics, themes and list of speakers can be viewed via

For more information about IoT Slam 2016 and to register now, please visit Registered Attendees will also benefit from receiving full access to all IoT Slam 2015 Sessions.

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