Join the IoT Community Masterclass Series!

IoT Community Masterclasses  are held in a virtual classroom environment, allowing you to attend in real-time or on-demand, delivering exclusive IoT content by industry-leading keynote speakers, domain specialists, and subject matter experts.

IoT Community Masterclasses include

  • engaging panel topics and panelists,
  • on-topic user centered content,
  • interactive workshops and tutorials
  • provide insight, results, and key takeaways.

Who should attend the IoT Community Masterclasses?

The IoT Community Masterclass series, is an extension to the IoT Slam – series of events, is where the new multi-disciplinary community is forming around the convergence of software and hardware for:

  • Engineers
  • Researchers
  • Roboticists
  • Makers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Founders
  • Innovators
  • From, Industry, Enterprise, Government & Academia

Benefits Of Joining:

Joining the IoT Community Master Class Series provides you with:

  • Learn different themes and outcomes
  • Hear about the latest IoT and cloud products, services and solutions from multiple industry verticals.
  • Validate you IoT Strategy, and plug in your team to execute
  • All materials will be recorded for On-Demand Playback

Professor Mike Saylor, President and Co-Founder of Cyber Defense Labs and cybersecurity pioneer, leads this IoT Masterclass on IoT criminal activity and forensic best practices. He will cover topics such as control frameworks, IoT protocols, digital threats, recent attacks and cybercrimes, as well as incident response and investigative forensics. Register for the Masterclass which takes place on August 22 at 10:00am CT (4:00pm GMT):

Register now to explore what lies ahead as software increasingly interacts with the physical world!

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